Crack stitching bars provide a permanent solution for masonry repairs and cracked wall reinforcement.  Crack repair rods are simply and effectively grouted across cracks in walls to reconnect and strengthen masonry.

Stainless steel brick stitching ties have a tensile strength within the 1050-1200N/mm² band and a spiral twist that permits a degree of torsional yield within elastic limits.

The structural repair system integrates the axial strength and elasticity of Thor Helical bars with the properties of WHO60® grout to enhance the tensile, shear and flexural capacity of masonry walls.

Anchored across fractures, the Thor Helical crack stitch ties progressively accumulate building loads and disperse them back into the structure to strengthen cracked walls.  This effective masonry stitching repair provides resilience against further cracking with minimal cost and little disruption.


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