Lintel Repair and Beaming

Brick beam lintel reinforcement of brickwork above window & door openings. The system uses 3.5m helical bars to span windows and doors up to 2.5m wide.

Two mortar beds, separated by 450-900mm are reinforced, each with a pair of high tensile stainless steel 6mm diameter helical re-bars embedded into the wall with masonry repair grout. The patented bars are encased 500mm beyond each side of the opening.

The reinforced bed joints form tendons that represent the upper and lower flanges of a brick beam or wall lintel. Utilising the surrounding masonry, one tendon carries compression and the other acts in tension. The reinforced brick beam lintel has a typical load carrying capacity of 2.6 tonne (BRE Calculations)



Lintel Repair & Beaming
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Brick Beam Lintel Repair System
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