A major N.S.W. coastal apartment housing development suffering wall tie failure employed the services of A.G.M Construction Pty. Ltd, (02) 9644 3777, to install many thousands of remedial wall ties.

The Site Manager Mr Bill Hooper had used several types of ties and found the Thor Helical 9mm 316 Stainless Steel CDTies™ to have the least number of installation failures compared to other brands and technologies. As commented, all members of their remedial tie installation crew believe the Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™ to be superior and claim a preference for them especially now with the new lightweight CDTie™ setting tool that they have been using since mid-January. The “precise pitch” profile and the increased central core provide better tracking across cavities and allow successful installation into far harder bricks without bending. Their team have found other brands don`t track as well and have shown a tendency to miss the inner leaf hole and simply bend into the cavity.

Economically, savings have been made by greatly increased installation rates, less failed, wasted, bent ties, (and their removal costs), whilst using Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™. As with any remedial procedure the total installed costs, (material plus labour), are what count!
Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™ are accredited to carry the European Technical Approvals
identification mark.