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A major N.S.W. coastal apartment housing development suffering wall tie failure employed the services of A.G.M Construction Pty. Ltd, (02) 9644 3777, to install many thousands of remedial wall ties.
The Site Manager Mr Bill Hooper had used several types of ties and found the Thor Helical 9mm 316 Stainless Steel CDTies™ to have the least number of installation failures compared to other brands and technologies. As commented, all members of their remedial tie installation crew believe the Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™ to be superior and claim a preference for them especially now with the new lightweight CDTie™ setting tool that they have been using since mid-January. The “precise pitch” profile and the increased central core provide better tracking across cavities and allow successful installation into far harder bricks without bending. Their team have found other brands don`t track as well and have shown a tendency to miss the inner leaf hole and simply bend into the cavity.
Economically, savings have been made by greatly increased installation rates, less failed, wasted, bent ties, (and their removal costs), whilst using Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™. As with any remedial procedure the total installed costs, (material plus labour), are what count!
Thor Helical 9mm CDTies™ are accredited to carry the European Technical Approvalseta identification mark.

Melbourne University

Architectural Building External Facade Renovation

  • Repairs required installation of Thor Helical 9mm 316 grade stainless steel wall ties
  • Thor Helical 9mm/330mm to 600mm long Impact Driven Remedial Wall Ties
  • Project undertaken by IG Parker - Restoration of the Historic Joseph Reed Facade
  • IG Parker used Thor Helical 9mm wall ties to stabilize the external facade of the Architectural Building of Melbourne University.
  • Wall Ties between the lengths of 330mm to 600mm were required for this project Impact driven into pre-drilled holes.
  • Thor Helical 9mm Remedial Wall Ties, Enhanced Buckling Resistance due to Core Strength, Combines Axial Strength & Flexibility, Precise Helical Interlock Anchorage.
  • Patented Precise Pitch Helical Consistency, Stable, Reliable & Unobtrusive.

PH: 03 9738 7308 - Email: admin@igparker.com - Web: www.igparker.com

Bundoora Campus

Specification Description

Thor Helical 9.00mm nominal O.D., 316 grade stainless steel, helically roll - formed wire having a characteristic cross-sectional area of 14.88mm² and a pitch accuracy variation of no more than 0.5% from any given probate pitch along the axis.

Assessment of the Bundoora Campus of R.M.I.T. University by Mr. Chris Drzewucki of Meinhardt Facades revealed a requirement for the installation of remedial brick ties.

The installation was performed in stages and the initial product used was the 8mm Helifix DryFix Remedial wall tie system on the first two sections. During the works program an area built with a 300mm wall cavity was discovered and consideration was given to trial Thor Helical 9mm CDTies for this extremely wide cavity section. Using 450mm long impact driven Thor 9mm CDTies through the pre-drilled outer brick skin the 80+ ties were installed without any alignment failures at the R.M.I.T University Bundoora Campus, Victoria with thepre-drilled holes in the far-side inner leaf. The “precise pitch” manufacturing process provided accurate tracking across the cavity.

The third installation session comprised the usage of the existing stocks of 8mm Helifix DryFix Remedial wall ties and the balance using Thor Helical 9mm CDTies. Mr. Joe Spagnolo, the site supervisor for Veritech Australia Pty. Ltd. , commented that the improved 2nd generation profile of Thor Helical 9mm CDTies resulted in a dramatic reduction in wastage compared to the Helifix Dry Fix 8mm ties. Time saved by not having to extract deformed, bent, ties also improved installation times and costs.



3 Export Drive, Brooklyn VIC 3025
PH: 03 9316 5440
Fax: 03 9318 0414
Email: vertitech@vertitech.com.au
Web: vertitech.com.au

Historic Guildford Hotel Perth

Originally built in 1886, the building was added to the State Heritage Register in 1993 – so when it came to the restoration, it was crucial to ensure the best teams work on the project.

Gutted by fire in 2008 the hotel sat in disrepair for 8 years before restorations began in 2015 and reopened the iconic hotel in 2016.

Brick and Mortar Restorations were contracted for remedial restoration work undertaken on this historic heritage building.

They had previously used Helifix products in the past but converted to Thor Helical 2 years ago when they started their new business venture Brick & Mortar Restoration and have never looked back since preferring to offer their clients the best products available.

Over 1500 metres of crack stitching bar and WHO60 grout were used on this project also 100’s of remedial wall ties (CD Ties). Brick & Mortar Restoration are approved installers or Thor Helical Remedial Masonry Repair and Reinforcement Products and based in Perth WA.


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Guildford HotelNortherly Gunners Cottages - Brick & Mortar Restoration


Brick and Mortar Restoration Pty Ltd
ACN 602 844 682 ABN 80 602 844 682


Website: www.brickandmortarrestoration.com.au

Office: 1800MORTAR (667 827) or 08 93932900

Historic Eastwood Brickworks Restoration

In 1912, the Great Northern Brick Company had acquired nearly 15ha of land north and up the hill from the Eastwood shops. By 1913, the quarry, brickmaking facilities, three kilns and two chimneys were functioning.

Filling-in of the brickworks’ quarry is regarded as one of Sydney’s largest urban renewal projects.

Now over 250 dwellings are built on the development site, referred to as Cavanstone Park.

Rapid Construction Pty Ltd was contracted for the re-development of Historic Eastwood Brickworks Heritage Restorations.

After using alternate brands in the past Thor Helical products were preferred because they are the latest technology currently available from the Pioneers & Inventors of the Helical Fixing Concept.

Rapid Construction are an approved and accredited installer of Thor Helical Remedial Masonry Repair and Reinforcement Products rapidcon-2which they used for brick repairs and reinforcement on the chimney stacks and kilns of the Eastwood Brickworks Heritage site.

Hundreds of metres of Thor Helical 316 stainless steel 6mm diameter bar and WHO60 cementitious grout were used as well as thousands of 9mm diameter remedial wall ties and reinforcement bar for this project.

Thor Helical representatives liaised with Rapid Construction on site to offer assistance and advice throughout the project, Thor Helical products used are of the highest quality standard and conformed to all technical specifications and more as required for this heritage project.


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