CDTies (Centre Drive)

Replacement wall ties are for tying brick, masonry or timber walls.  Thor Helical manufactures and supplies a range of retrofit cavity ties for wall tie replacement applications. Stainless wall ties have work-hardened threads that screw in to a wide variety of building materials.  The threads also provide a great keying surface to enhance bonding when ties are fixed with resin or grouts. Thor Helical remedial wall ties have a longitudinal helix that is precision engineered with patented precise pitch technology.  The ties are suitable for replacing wall ties where existing ties are suffering from corrosion or are missing.

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Remedial Wall Ties
Wall Ties Specification
Remedial Wall Tie Guide
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Remedial Wall Tie Information
Thor Helical 9mm Diameter Long Masonry Ties 
12mm Diameter Long Series Wall Ties (Grout Free)
12mm Pinning Cross Walls Specification (Grout-Free)
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