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Thor Helical is the Worlds leading manufacturer of helical bars, wall ties and insulation fixings. Our flair for innovation, intelligent design and advanced production engineering help us supply the best and most diverse range of helical fixings available.
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Thor Helical patented wall tie and reinforcement products are manufactured from 316 austenitic stainless steel wire and engineered through advanced twisting die technology to accurately control the pitch of the tie resulting in a ‘Precise Pitch’ accuracy delivering unrivaled product performance. Independently performance tested and CE marked”

Conforms to: BS EN 845-1:2013 and conditions for CE marking

remedial solutions

Precision Engineered Helical Bars, Wall Ties & Fixings

From the Pioneers and Inventors of Helical Fixing Technology

Continuous Development and Improvement since 1978

Better By Design and Unrivalled Product Performance!

Remedial Wall Ties
Grout free Wall Anchors
Brick Reinforcement
Brick Repair
Crack Stitching Repairs
Lintel Repair & Beaming
Lateral Restraint Ties
Insofast Fixings

Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Limes

Thor Helical Adds Roundtower NHL to its remedial products range!

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