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Lateral restraint ties are designed for restraining bowing walls to structural timbers that run parallel to them. The ties are used to connect a masonry façade to the flooring diaphragm via two or more timber joists. The 8mm diameter lateral restraint ties have a drill bit formed in their leading end for cutting into softwood joists.

Lateral restraints are fitted from outside the property with minimal disturbance. In most cases just few floorboards are lifted to determine the position of joists and any wires or pipes. A 14mm clearance hole is made through the façade. The lateral restraints are connected to the setting tool and are driven sequentially into the timbers to simultaneously drill and screw into the wood. A resin fix is provided at the masonry connection to fully restrain bowing walls.

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Lateral Restraint

Lateral Restraint

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Lateral Restraint Ties Brochure

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