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[one_second]Thor Helical 9mm remedial wall ties offer rapid wall tie replacement and reliable brick pinning installation. 316 Stainless steel helical ties are the choice of the professional for tyring masonry walls. The setting tool which holds and hammer-drives the replacement ties and permits safer controlled installation of the CD Tie. Thor Helical self-tapping replacement wall ties have a diameter of 9mm. They screw in to brick, masonry or concrete when hammered into pilot holes using the impact action of a rotary hammer drill. The remedial tie grips within an interlocking helical undercut without exerting expansive stress on the masonry. The unique driving configuration of the CD Tie delivers a fast, easy and reliable remedy for cavity wall tie failture (replacement).

What length wall ties I buy?

Cavity WidthWall Tie Length
0 – 25mm180mm
25 – 45mm205mm
50 – 70mm230mm
75 – 95mm255mm
100 – 120mm280mm
125 – 145mm305mm
150 – 190mm350mm
remedial wall ties by Thor Helical Australia [/one_second] [one_second] remedial wall tie information - demonstration

How many ties do I need and what wall tie spacing is recommended?

Provided that your walls are ofa  typical masonry cavity wall make-up, with each leaf being at least 90mm in thickness, you will need to install the remedial tying system at the rate of 2.5 wall ties per m2. Wall tie spacing should be at 900mm centres vertically by 450mm centres horizontally, in a staggered “domino 5” pattern. An additional vertical row of wall ties should be inserted at open reveals (gable apexes, windows, door openings, etc.) so that there is 1 wall tie per 300mm (height) of wall. In the unlikely event that eitehr wall is less than 90mm thick, wall tie spacing should increase from 2.4 ties / sq. metre to 5 ties per m2 (450 x 450mm). For wall tie replacement in brick clad timber frame construction wall tie installation should be spaced at 4.4 wall ties/m2. Reference in accordance to AS 3700:2001. Confirms to BS EN 845-1: 2013 and conditions for CE marking. Download this guide HERE.
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