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Precision Engineered Helical Bars – Wall Ties and Fixings

DiameterCSA (mm2)0.2% Proof Stress (N/mm2)Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Mean Tensile Capacity #

* Mean Tensile Capacity derived from CSA x UTS
* Ultimate Tensile Strength is measured within a calibrated tolerance of +/- 2%
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Patented Precise Pitch Technology
(EP 1307303B1)
Stronger – Reliable – Faster Installation
Accurate Tracking Across Wide Cavities
Balance Robust ProfileGreater Torsional Strength
Increased Compression Resistance
(Reduces Buckling Tendencies)
ManufacturingInnovative Design – Precise Engineering
Full In House ControlContinuous Improvements over 30 years

* Seismic Movement Test Report by Oxford Brooks University UK (Available upon request)
* OISD Technology – Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development
* UKAS –ce” Mark Test Reports available upon request


Thor Helical’s leading reputation relies upon perpetual product development, innovative design and manufacturing excellence. Its helical bars, wall ties and insulation fasteners are manufactured under one roof in the UK’s only production facility that has all the skills necessary to transform round feed-wire into finished roll-profiled helical fasteners, delivering unrivaled and patented product consistency.


Crack Stitching – Remedial Wall Ties – Grout Free Wall Anchors – Masonry Reinforcement Bar
Thor Helical – AISI316 Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel Helical Bar

Thor NTC Grout for Crack Stitching, Masonry Reinforcement and Specific Wall Tie Applications.

Thor NTC Grout is a thixotropic cementitious grout and incorporates a special blend of cement and fillers, 10% silica fume and additives to form a cementitious grout which is highly durable, low chloride content, low porosity, aluminium and metallic expansion agent free and is a one component cement powder which only requires the addition of water to form a thixotropic cementitious grout. The 10% silica fume provides added density and durability for 100 year design life.

The combination of Thor Helical reinforcement bars with the Thor NTC Grout provides a stabilisation system sympathetic to active structures such as masonry. Thor NTC grout allows a degree of flexibility compensating for natural expansion and contraction. Higher strength grouts, polyester and epoxy adhesives may restrict natural masonry movement and induce further cracking within adjacent areas.

Experience has shown that cement based grouts work most effectively with metal reinforcement. Polyester or epoxy and sand grouts are also used in some circumstances but have a mismatch of thermal and moisture movement characteristics, and Youngs modulus with metals, which makes them less effective.

Physical PropertiesCompressive Strength 
4 Days20 MPa
7 Days60 MPa
28 Days80 MPa

Thor NTC Grout Tubs Indicative Usage Rates

Thor NTC 1.5 litre grout tubApproximate usage = 5 lineal metres
Thor NTC 3.0 litre grout tubApproximate usage = 10 lineal metres
Thor NTC 4.5 litre grout tubApproximate usage = 15 lineal metres
Thor NTC 12 litre grout tubApproximate usage = 40 lineal metres


Thor NTC Grout – 1.5, 3.0, 4.5 & 12 Litre Tubs

ThorBond Water Resistant Concrete Bonding Agent and Additive – 500ml, 5L & 20L
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