CDTies (Centre Drive)

The need for remedial wall ties was established in the early 1980’s, when wall tie failure was discovered as being a widespread problem.

Before then the standard wall ties were typically manufactured from mild steel and commonly protected by a sacrificial zinc coating. Tie irons were expected to last the lifetime of a building. Surpri­singly, as it was subsequently discovered, wall tie corrosion could become a major issue in as little as 26 years.

Where an existing wall tie system has failed through corrosion or improper installation then replacement wall ties are a vital part of a remedial solution that strengthens and stabilises vulnerable cavity wall structures.

Thor Helical 9mm Remedial wall ties offer rapid wall tie replacement and reliable brick pinning installation. 316 grade stainless steel helical ties are the recommended choice of the professional for tying masonry walls. The SDS drive tool which holds and hammer-drives the wall ties permits safer controlled installation of the CD Tie.

Thor Helical self-tapping replacement wall ties have a diameter of 9mm and are manufactured using patented precise pitch engineering. They screw in to brick, masonry, concrete & timber when hammered into pilot holes using the impact action of a rotary hammer drill. The remedial tie grips within an interlocking helical undercut without exerting expansive stress on the masonry. The unique driving configuration of the CD Tie  delivers a fast, easy and reliable remedy for cavity wall tie failure (replacement).

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